NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Essence

Even-toned complexion

NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Essence   NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Essence
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Reference : 8M0103
A highly concentrated corrective treatment, for a luminous and even-toned complexion.

For enhanced results, use the Essence in conjunction with the Nectar Bright® Brightening Cream: after 4 weeks, a 31.4% increase in radiance*.



• Correct and fade existing dark spots

• Prevent and protect against future hyperpigmentation and dark spots

• Moisturize and smooth, for radiant and even-toned skin


Active ingredients: complex of 5 white flowers + low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid with excellent moisturizing and regenerating properties + a radiance-boosting complex of lactic acid and arginine that promotes cell renewal + complex of papaya, olive and lemon, with illuminating properties. 



29% increase in radiance upon application**

24% reduction in the appearance of dark spots after 56 days of treatment***


* Scores from 20 volunteers.

** Use test on 26 volunteers with dark spots and a dull complexion.

*** Scores from 21 volunteers.


ecocert Natural and Organic Cosmetic
certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to ECOCERT Standard
available at
99% of the total ingredients from natural origin
47% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming

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NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Essence