Bye Bye, Acne! Skincare rountine for oily skin type.

Melvita provide you a new formula and tips for oily face, so that you can say "Bye bye, Acne!". Combined and oily skin are always facing problem of visible pores and acne. These skin types are particularly fragile, but all too often they are over cleansed or over made-up, stripping them of their natural oils and preventing them from breathing.
The Nectar Pur range offers visible results in just one week: skin feels pure and as fresh as a freshly picked mint leaf! It looks radiant, naturally matte and smooth. At last, it can really breathe!

Nectar Pur - 2 main organic ingredients
An aqueous extract of blrch x Peppermint essential oil

An aqueous extract of blrch

Rich in zinc, moisturizes and revitalizes

☑Removing excess sebum
☑Purifying without drying skin out

Peppermint essential oil

1000g mint = 5ml peppermint essential oil

☑Purifies the skin and regulates sebum production

☑Prevents blemish-causing bacteria growing

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Purifying X Cleansing - 1st step for anyone with combination or oily skin type

Nectar Pur Organic Purifying Cleansing Jelly

A gel that works to deeply purify the skin and maintain its balance... and immediately leaves it feeling incredibly fresh!

For What?
•Unmistakably minty.Enriched with menthol, for an intense fresh sensation!
•Fabulously fresh! Organic peppermint essential oil and zinc work wonders on the skin, regulating sebum production and helping to prevent the spread of bacteria.
•Clearly effective. Wintergreen gently exfoliates, while lactic acid helps to balance the skin’s pH.
•An evening ritual. Ideal for ridding skin of impurities at the end of the day (opt for a micellar water in the morning).

For Who?
Oily skin. 100% of users* said that upon application it purified the skin and limited excess sebum.

How to use?
Apply a fine layer of Organic Mask and Scrub - Mud Effect to your face two or three times a week and leave to work for 5 to 10 minutes. Then dampen your face and gently massage to exfoliate skin. Rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with the eye area.

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2-IN-1 Purifies & Exfoliates - 3 steps to minimize pore

Nectar Pur Organic Mask & Scrub - Mud Effect

An essential product to keep combination and oily skin balanced. By ridding skin of impurities, it prepares it for other products and leaves it feeling wonderfully fresh.

For What?
•Dual performance.A formula that gently exfoliates and effectively purifies: a must-include product in any purifying beauty ritual! 
•Polishing power! Exfoliating particles work to unclog pores and refine skin’s texture.
•Pure freshness! Organic peppermint essential oil works its magic, helping to regulate sebum production and prevent the spread of bacteria. 
•Astringent effect. Purifies and tightens pores.
•A formula you can trust. It mattifies and absorbs sebum just like clay, but… without clay (which can contain heavy metals)!
•Unprecedented! A patented formula that mattifies without drying the skin!
•Ultra gentle. Formulated with soothing bisabolol.

For Who?
Oily skin. 100% of users* said their skin was immediately purified.

How to use?
Two to three times a week, apply a fine layer to the face. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then wet face and massage gently to exfoliate before rinsing well with water.  

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Purifying x Moisturizer - 8 hours

Nectar Pur Organic Mattifying Fluid

For What?
•Bracingly fresh… An instantly absorbed, very fresh, fluid texture.
•Tough on sebum! Organic peppermint oil and zinc work together to regulate sebum production and prevent the spread of bacteria.
•Moisture! Maximum hydration, to restore skin’s balance.
•A clearer complexion. Wintergreen gently exfoliates all day long, while enantia bark extract helps to regulate the skin, to purify and tighten pores.   
•Peachy soft skin. Thanks to mattifying rice powder.
•Truly gentle. Contains soothing bisabolol.
•Flawless-looking skin. Enriched with natural pigments that help to conceal redness.

For Who?
Oily skin. After one month, 94% of users* said their skin was mattified. 

How to use?

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Bye bye, Ace! Acts in 24 hours!

Nectar Pur Organic SOS Focused Action Roll-on

SOS Focused Action Roll-on - One of our best seller. Organic peppermint oil, lemon, tea tree and lavandin essential oils all work together!

For What?
•A focus on purity. Organic peppermint oil reveals its incredible properties and immediately acts on blemishes. 
•Action/reaction. Mimosa tenuiflora bark extract, as well as lemon, tea tree and lavandin essential oils, work to zap blemishes and soothe the skin.  
•Oh-so gentle. With soothing bisabolol.
•Energizing! Birch juice moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

For Who?
Oily skin. 74% of users* said it acted on blemishes in 24 hours. 

How to use?
Apply Organic Purifying SOS Roll-On to a targeted area of the face, preferably in the evening. Reapply frequently. Avoid the eye area, nostrils and mouth. Do not expose to sunlight. Store away from heat and naked flames. Pregnant women should not use this product

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