5 simple and easy exercises

to keep your body toned.

Melvita has joined forces with Octavie Escure, the creator of "Fit’Ballet" in France, to bring you a 100% natural and very French beauty program!

Based on simple exercises that are easy to do at home, this program aims to help you look after your figure every day by combining the body-toning effects of a workout with the skin-toning effects of our L'Or Rose Firming Oil.

What is Fit' Ballet?

Fit'Ballet brings fitness and classical dance together by combining strengthening exercise movements with the graceful moves of ballet. It's a discipline that enables you to (re)discover your suppleness, balance, strength and resilience. 

Most women, of any age, should be able to do the number of repetitions recommended, but you can customize your workout if you wish. 
And, most importantly, have fun!  

Our Instructor - Octavie Escure

Octavie Escure, who is a founder of Fit Ballet in France, also a mom of 9-month-old baby.

After giving birth, She visibly reduced the appearance of dimpled skin using Melvita Pink Oil. Octavie stopped her dancing career after hurting herself. Later, she created Fit' Ballet to set up her method  to combine the strength of fitness with the elegance of ballet.

It keeps your body toned!

Exercise 1: Black Swan
Objective: Firm up your arms

(1) Stand up with your neck and shoulders as relaxed as possible. Your back should be straight and your abdominal muscles held tight.

(2) Bring your arms together above your head with palms facing downward.

(3) Bring your arms back down to the sides then turn them to return to the starting position.

Repeat this movement 32 times.


Now Apply your product

(1) Apply with circular movements, pressing at the same time.

(2) Start at the elbow and work up the inside of the arm toward the underarm

(3) Work up the outside of the arm to the shoulder. 

Exercise 2: Grands battements arabesque

Objective: Visibly reduce dimpled skin

(1) Stand in front of something you can hold onto, with both hands in front of you at shoulder height and elbows low. Stretch out your right leg behind you and bend your left leg.  

(2) With a quick movement, perform an arabesque by raising your leg behind you as high as possible. 

(3) Return to the starting position with legs apart.

Repeat 16 times for each leg. 

Now apply your product
(1) Apply with invigorating circular movements, working up from the bottom of the thighs to the hips.

Exercise 3: Petite batterie

Objective: Sculpt your waist

(1) Lie on your back with the left leg pressing against the right leg and feet stretched out. Contract your abdominal muscles and beat the feet, crossing your right foot over your left foot. 

(2) Keep your legs tight and as low as possible, with the heels held closely against each other.  

Repeat 16 times.

Now apply your product
(1) Apply with clockwise, circular smoothing movements over the stomach, then the hips.

Exercise 4: La majorette

Objective: Tone your legs

(1) Stand at an angle with your right leg in front, bent at the knee, and your left leg held straight behind you. Place your left  arm in the air and your right arm by your side.  

(2) Without changing the position of your front foot, raise the left knee, changing the angle of your chest, and swap the position of your arms.

(3) Go back to the starting position.

Repeat 16 times with the right leg in front, then with the left leg in front.

Now apply your product
Apply with both hands, working upward from the ankle to the top of the thigh and pressing vigorously with the fingertips. 

Exercise: Fit’Ballet Bow
Objective: stimulate and firm

(1) Place your right leg in front of you and your left leg behind you, held straight. Your left arm should be rounded and held
above the head, the right arm should be hanging down by your side.

(2) Raise the upper part of your body by pushing on the legs, contracting your abdominal muscles. Breathe in and bend over
On your knees, without touching the ground. At the same time, bring your left arm to the middle of your chest, tracing a circle.

(3) Bring your arm back up to the starting position.

Repeat 16 times, then change side.

Now apply your product
(1)Apply with invigorating circular movements, working up from the bottom of the thighs to the hips and around the waist.

(2)Use upward movements on the arms, from the elbows to the shoulders.

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