Fresh All Day!

Summer is coming!

HOT, HOT Summer! It would be difficult to start your day without deodorant! It’s one of the first steps in your personal care routine and it makes you feel good the minute it goes on. If you want to feel good and feel fresh, deodorant is a product you simply can’t do without…

You CAN'T find any of below harmful ingredients in our deodorants.
✘Alum Stone

Melvita's exclusive antibacterial cocktail helps effectively combat odour and moisture without interfering with the natural sweating process.

Our organic deodorant products carry are certified by Ecocert and Bio, also 99% of the ingredients are natural.

Melvita organic deodroant = Aluminum FREE

Aluminum chlorohydrate is a synthetic product known to have excellent antiperspirant properties through its action on skin pores, also a main ingredient of antiperspirant.

However, the safety of aluminum on breast cell has been a controversial matter for many years, that is why Melvita decided not to use any of them in our formulas of its two deodorants.

 •Cosmetic regulations specify that the maximum authorized concentration of aluminum salt is 20%.
 •AFSSAPS (French agency for the safety of health products) issued a recommendation aimed at limiting the concentration of aluminum to 6% of the finished product.


Organic Purifying Deodorant - 24-hr effectiveness/50ml

The Melvita guarantee:
 •A fresh sensation, thanks to an exclusive cocktail of antibacterial active ingredients (prevents the development of bacteria that break down sweat), Vitamin E (antioxidant) and three essential oils(peppermint, thyme thymol, sandalwood).

 •Effective action, thanks to the absorbent properties of natural microporous silica.

 •A long-lasting performance, with a 100% natural scent with botanical notes, which lasts all day long.

99% of the total ingredients from natural origin
10% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming


Organic Sensitive Skin Deodorant/ 50ml

The Melvita guarantee:
 •A fresh sensation, thanks to the exclusive cocktail of antibacterial activeingredients, usnea lichen (antibacterial), Vitamin E (antioxidant) and absorbent silica.

 •Gentle action for sensitive and easily irritated skin, with calming alpha-bisabolol and soothing aloe vera.

 •Safety, with a 100% natural allergen-free fragrance, a hypoallergenic formula, delicately powdery scent that gives an immediate feeling of well-being and is gentle for the most sensitive skins.

99% of the total ingredients from natural origin
10% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming 


There are two main types of sweat glands:


Responsible for most of the volume of sweat

Melvita solution
➔ABSORBENT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS  that fight the feeling of dampness.

Melvita Active Ingredients
➔Microporous silica: a natural mineral in the form of spherical, porous beads, which absorb sweat


Responsible for most body odor

Melvita solution
➔ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS  to prevent  the breakdown of organic molecules.
➔ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS to prevent the oxidation of lipids.

Melvita Active Ingredients
➔An exclusive antibacterial cocktail: sage oil + triethyl citrate + acyl  lactylate
➔Vitamin E: Derived from sunflower, it protects the formula and lipids from oxidation.

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