Order Status Delivery Time (Working days)
Hong Kong SAR Macau SAR
"NEW" - Represents your order in progress. 1 - 5 3 - 4

- Represents your order has been accepted and prepared for packing and custom clearance. A dispatch notification will be sent to you after the customer clearance. (1)

2 - 3 2 - 4
"SHIPPED" - Represents your order has been shipped to our forwarder and arranged to deliver.(2) 2 - 3 2 - 4
"CLOSED" - Represents your order had been completed. --- ---


(1) MELVITA will send an Order Confirmation email to you after your payment is verified and with our acceptance. The email contains your order details including products code, product description, invoice and delivery address. If you do not receive the order confirmation email within 4 working days, please email to contactus@melvita.hk for any assistance.

(2) MELVITA will send a Dispatch Notification email on behalf of our forwarder to you after the forwarder has dispatched your order. You can find your tracking number and the details of your shipment. You can click the following link to track your order. If you do not receive the dispatch notification email, please send an email to "contactus@melvita.hk for assistance.

(3) If your order does not meet with the local regulation or requirement of the country of delivery, e.g. because of weight or total order amount, MELVITA may automatically separate your order into several parcels which will be delivered on different dates to meet the requirement. You will be notified of all the tracking numbers by email.