Start Organic
Your First Organic Beauty Oil


100% Organic Argan Oil

Prepare your skin to achieve optimal Oil & Water Balance

1. 100% Organic, each bottle is extracted from 400 pcs Moroccan argan nuts

2. Exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids: 81% Omega-6 & Omega-9
- Omega-6: restore moisture-locking layer by reinforcing cellular adhesion
- Omega-9: strengthen the hydrolipidic film to lock the skin moisture

3. NO mineral oils, chemical preservatives, synthetic colorant & fragrance 

Perfect Oil & Water Balance Combo

Perfect Oil & Water Balance Combo

Water & Oil are the essential components for healthy skin. 
When oil-to-water imbalance occurs, our skin cannot absorb the skincare products well.
So, no matter of skin types or seasons, we need to replenish water & oil to our skin.

Boost your Skin everyday after toning! 

1. For Water Replenishment - Organic Damask Rose Floral Water

Active ingredients from organic roses can instantly boost your skin and help to prepare skin optimizing absorption. 

2. For Perfect Oil & Water Balance - Organic Argan Oil

Enriched with Omega-6 & Omega-9, it helps restore and replenish the moisture-locking layers and nourish your skin. 


After cleansing, spray Rose Floral Water on your face, then apply Argan Oil on your skin gently; use serum & face cream afterwards.

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