The demand for quality

MELVITA bases its work on its large Research, Development and Quality teams, which means that it can methodically carry out long, demanding series of tests before launching its products.

It usually takes one or two years’ work before a MELVITA product reaches the production stage.


Efficiency and lasting stability

Along with the innocuousness tests on volunteers and usage and efficiency tests led by an independant laboratory, MELVITA subjects itself to rigorous ageing tests and to "challenge-tests".
The antimicrobial activity of the product itself is checked during the development process to ensure an effective protection against the negative effects that would result from a microbial contamination or proliferation during ageing or use. The challenge-test has to demonstrate the efficiency of the preservative system. The product is thus artificially contamined by representative microorganisms then the reduction in the microbial populations is measured and eventually, after 28 days, the isolated germ has to be totally eradicated.

MELVITA systematically leads challenge-tests on all its new products.