Let's Celebrate World Bee Day. Save the bees!

Happy World Bee Day!

This year celebrates 2nd World Bee day. United Nation (UN) anncouned 20 May World Bee Day in 2017, and 2019 is already been a second year! Every year on 20 May, worldwide will be drawn to the importance of bees.

Why World Bee Day...


A birthday of Anton Janša, a pioneer of modern beekeeper.

May, also the season of honey and hive products begins.


Food we eat depends on Bee.

Bees and other pollinators allow many plants, including many food crops, to reproduce.

They play a vital role in ecological balance.


of bee colonies perishing on average in 2016.

Bees have become increasingly endangered due to many factors.

Bee and honey

Cause of Bee decline…

•Use of product in modern farming weakened the bees' immune system
Some pesticides that used in modern farming are actually harming bee health.
Pesticides help to kill unwanted pets but their toxic properties are also hurting bees.

•Trade in low quality honey impact beekeeping economy
There are many low-quality in market, which may weaken purchase intention toward honey products.

Urbanization -  less forage and shelter for bees
Bees losing the diverse food sources due to Habitat loss.


They need your help…

•Raise awareness
Awareness of the issue and be educated to protect bees.

•Buy honey and other hive products
Support beekeeping industry so that they have more resources.

•Use pesticides without any harm to bees
Say "NO" to any pesticides which may harm bees.

Melvita also is strive for saving bee.
Develop beekeeping in organic market gardens, support association of saving bees....
You may visit here for more details.

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